Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jay Parmley Heads NC Democratic Party

From The North Carolina Democratic Party ~ Jay Parmley has been hired as the new Executive Director of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

According to news reports, Parmley confirmed the rumor personally in an announcement on Facebook Saturday, April 16th: "It's been great serving as the Executive Director of the South Carolina Democratic Party. I will be transitioning to the same position with the North Carolina Democratic Party in the near future to take on the 2012 cycle! To my SC friends, thanks for the all of the kind words today. You have made the last four years memorable, exciting and fun! Still have more work to do before the State Convention!"

Considered by political insiders as a Democratic Party "rock star," the 40-year-old Parmley has an impressive political resume.

In 1999, Parmley was elected national president of the Young Democrats of America. In 2001, Parmley was elected to the first of two terms as chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party and, at the time, was the youngest chairman of a state party at age 30.

According to Mike McCarville's blog, Parmley's "politics skews to the liberal" and was among the first party chairmen to endorse Howard Dean for the Democratic National Committee's top leadership post.

He later worked for DNC's Chairman Howard Dean as a top field representative and Dean appointed Parmley as an At-Large member of the DNC in 2005 and member of the DNC Budget and Finance committee.

In 2006, Parmley became the Coordinated Campaign Director of the Mississippi Democratic Party implementing Dean's 50-state strategy operation.

In 2007, Parmley joined the staff of the South Carolina Democratic Party before becoming Executive Director in 2008.

Originally from Wyandotte, Oklahoma, Parmley earned both his Bachelors of Arts and Master degrees in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma.

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