Monday, April 25, 2011

James Davenport: Losers Can Bounce Back

James Davenport
Former Senate candidate James Davenport, who lost a runoff for the Senate District 44 seat last year, says losing candidates can bounce back like he has and he's scheduled a seminar to prove it.

Although he lost in the run-off, Davenport said he's been able to maintain self confidence and successfully accomplish his goal to grow his co-owned business.

Davenport will share his experience and tips for bouncing back through a self-confidence and goal achieving seminar at 6 p.m. Tuesday at All American Martial Arts, 4731 SE 29th Street.

“Winning a campaign, like many other goals people create, requires more than just having a desire,” Davenport said. “It takes self-confidence and planning, and it must be aligned with your core values. My campaign experience will serve as a case study in helping people create and maintain a healthy self-confidence and accomplish their goals.”

The seminar will focus on the execution of goals rather than just the creation of them. Participants can expect to learn how to dramatically increase their self-confidence, discover the important connection between core values and goals and develop the skills to plan for success.

In April 2010, Davenport co-founded All American Martial Arts, a martial arts school that provides classes and programs for ages three and up.

In addition, he serves as the vice president of client relations for Shapard Research.

Davenport spent six years on the Oklahoma City staff of former Congressman Ernest Istook and was the chief-of-staff for former county commissioner Stan Inman from 2003 to 2007.

“Anyone can set goals – that’s relatively easy,” Davenport said. “But the object isn’t to set goals, it’s to accomplish them. This seminar is for those individuals who want to move from goal-setting to goal-achieving.”

For more information or to register for the Davenport System Seminar, visit

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