Sunday, May 1, 2011

State Chamber Unveils Aggressive Effort To Monitor Votes, Identify 'Most Wanted' Legislators

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The State Chamber of Commerce on Friday unveiled a new effort, as demonstrated by the graphic above (which now appears as an advertisement on The McCarville Report Online).

In announcing the "Legislative Watch" effort, the Chamber's website announcement reads:

Our mission at The State Chamber is to be the legislative advocates for the Oklahoma business community. Businesses, big and small, are focused on their own day-to-day operations, not what is going on at the state Capitol or in Washington, D.C. But, laws are passed every day that have a huge impact on business and your bottom line. Our job is to watch those bills for you.

But our work doesn't end there. We have an obligation to our members and the business community as a whole to also make you aware of anti-business legislation and votes coming up at the state Capitol.

As a result, we are starting this new project, Legislative Watch. On this new website, we will point out anti-business votes occurring at the state Capitol and what legislators are saying in the news and on the legislative floor about the business community. We will post these votes and quotes in a well-sourced, non-partisan way in order to give business and community leaders information that shows where their legislators stand on economic issues.

We hope you find this information empowering. The business community cannot sit idly by as votes are cast that affect our state's economy and prosperity potential. But, take confidence in the fact that we are watching them so you don't have to.

The website includes a "Most Wanted" section, described this way: As the legislative session progresses, we will post "mug shots" here of repeat, anti-business lawmakers you need to know about. Check back to see the most anti-business offenders here.

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