Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cole Declares GOP Budget 'Revolutionary'

Congressman Tom Cole
"The House Republican budget is more than serious -- it's revolutionary.

"We've reached the point where only a decisive plan can reverse our disastrous debt trajectory, and that's exactly what Chairman Ryan and House Republicans have delivered.

"This budget cuts $6.2 trillion, reforms our outdated tax code, and saves Medicare and Medicaid from bankruptcy.

"The contrast with the president's budget couldn't be more clear. Where President Obama didn't even attempt to address the primary drivers of our debt, Budget Chairman Paul Ryan's plan represents the single most significant effort to deal with entitlement spending in more than a generation.

"With this budget, House Republicans have taken the lead in the fight to save the country from fiscal catastrophe. President Obama and congressional Democrats must now choose whether to work with us or to criticize from the sidelines." ~ Congressman Tom Cole, in a news release today.

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