Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tulsa World Announces More Personnel Cuts

From www.tulsaworld.com ~ The Tulsa World’s workforce was reduced Tuesday by 18 positions, the result of a company-wide evaluation by management of operational efficiencies.

The reduction represents approximately 3 percent of its staff. Citing continued softness in the local and national economy, Publisher Robert E. Lorton III said,

“It is with sadness that we say goodbye to these employees but a continued slump in local business means that we have to make some tough decisions. Our business has changed in recent years and many of these changes are simply the result of workplace efficiencies that recent technological investments have created. Our subscribers and readers will not notice any change in the amount of content that we provide."

Joe Worley, executive editor of the Tulsa World, said, "The Newsroom is restructuring to make use of our staff in a more efficient manner. We will continue to provide the high quality journalism that our readers expect.”

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