Friday, March 11, 2011

OU Prof Alleges Inappropriate Behavior By Stiles; Stiles Calls For Review Of Events

Rep. Aaron Stiles
A University of Oklahoma sociology professor alleges that Rep. Aaron Stiles of Norman engaged in inappropriate and threatening behavior toward students at a recent event.

Dr. Susan F. Sharp's allegations come in a letter to the editor of the University of Oklahoma Daily.

Stiles countered today with a call for a review of events like the one at issue.

In the letter, Sharp writes, "I believe that elected officials serve their communities rather than dictate to and control them. However, a disturbing incident that occurred on Thursday, March 3, 2011, in the Oklahoma Memorial Union between a group of students and faculty attending a sponsored program and a state representative, Aaron Stiles."

Sharp has a blog entitled Oklahoma Hates Women.

Read her entire letter in the Opinion section at  

Stiles today called for a review of campus protest policies at the University of Oklahoma and other state colleges, particularly for protests involving faculty members taking place in taxpayer-funded buildings.

“I believe state colleges need to develop clear policies regarding protests in order limit future litigation against the State of Oklahoma,” said Stiles, R-Norman.

The issue gained prominence after a pro-abortion protest was held at the March 3 banquet for the pro-life Eden Clinic in the ballroom of the OU Student Union. The event drew protestors, who attempted to disrupt activities inside of the student union by yelling, “We love abortion! We love killing babies!”

Stiles, who attended the event, took pictures of the protestors and then was assaulted by a protestor who tried to take away his phone.

“At the time, I asked the campus police what the policy was for dealing with protests inside of the student union and more specifically what the policy was when paying customers use the facility,” Stiles said. “They did not know.”

The following day, a letter to the editor in the O.U. Daily indicated that OU Professor Susan F. Sharp was a leader of the pro-abortion protest. Sharp told the paper she had reserved the room adjacent to the banquet for a meeting of the Center for Social Justice. However, no such meeting was noted on the center’s Facebook page, which is typically used to organize such events.

Professor Sharp can also be seen in pictures of the protestors taken at the event.

“In light of all of these facts, I think it impossible that Professor Sharp staged anything but a protest,” Stiles said. “While people clearly have the right to peacefully assemble and protest, doing so while using taxpayer resources and disrupting an event where the state has been paid to host a venue clearly raises some tough legal issues, and I do not want to see our schools lose future lawsuits.”

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