Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letter: 'Ain't no cure for stupid'

About the Florida beauty queen who shot and killed an intruder: Okay, I get that she killed an intruder in her home - and had every right to do so, BUT... How ridiculous is it that he got into the house in the first place? I mean, what airhead opens the door at 3 a.m., by herself, unarmed, probably in her nightie, having left her fiance in bed asleep? And who orders a $20 pizza to be delivered to a posh house and paid for with a $100 bill? I mean, seriously? I'm glad the two of them were able to fumble around and defend themselves against an intruder, but a little bit of common sense would have prevented the whole ridiculous scenario, not to mention sparing him a good beating and her the trauma of having taken a life. There just ain't no cure for stupid. - Shel, via email

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