Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lawyers, Lobbyists Gave $6.2 Million In 2010

From The Tulsa World ~ The 2010 state election campaign was a $37 million affair that was financed by folks from all walks of life but led by lawyers and lobbyists, who accounted for one out of every six dollars given to candidates, a World analysis of campaign data indicates.

Lawyers and lobbyists gave a combined $6.2 million to campaigns ranging from those running for governor to district attorney to House of Representatives.

The two professions, whose job functions often overlap, were also the top givers among industry sectors during the 2008 state political campaigns.

Two Oklahoma City area attorneys were among the top givers to campaigns. Reggie Whitten of Edmond ranked second among individuals, splitting $93,750 among Republican, Democrat and nonpartisan judicial 2010 campaigns.

A Norman attorney, Richard Bell, contributed $72,183 to various Republican, Democrat and nonpartisan candidates, placing him fourth among contributors.

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