Monday, March 14, 2011

House Reprimands Reynolds, Terrill; Witness Claims Terrill Threatened House Speaker Kris Steele

The House today voted 67-18 to reprimand Rep. Mike Reynolds of Oklahoma City and 34-30 to reprimand Rep. Randy Terrill of Moore for incidents in recent days.  

Rep. Mike Reynolds
Reynolds was reprimanded for interrupting the remarks of the Rev. Tom Hopkins of the Southpark Community Church of Tulsa as Hopkins spoke to the full House last Thursday.

Reynolds called for a point of order as Hopkins discussed health care issues before leading the House in prayer. Reynolds said he apologizes if his actions were rude.

Rep. Randy Terrill
The House voted 34-30 to reprimand Terrill for remarks he allegedly made in the office of Floor Leader Dan Sullivan last week. Those remarks allegedly included threats against House Speaker Kris Steele, including a threat to "break his other Goddamned leg."

CapitolBeatOK reports on the contents of an affidavit read into the record:,_threatened_to_%27break_his_other%27_leg.  

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