Monday, March 28, 2011

GOP's Matt Pinnell Targets '3blinddems'

Democrats Rice, Obama, Inman

The Oklahoma Republican Party's chairman, Matt Pinnell, today warned the state’s voters of “3 Blind Dems” (  "who are attempting to bring to Oklahoma the Obama-style big government, anti-business agenda that has failed so miserably in Washington."

It's the latest effort in an ongoing theme from the party to educate conservative voters across the state that the Oklahoma Democratic Party has made a hard left turn, and it certainly isn't reversing its course.

Matt Pinnell
“Oklahoma voters—Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike—have rejected the big government Obama-style liberalism that is bankrupting our nation, and yet the Democrat leadership in the Oklahoma legislature continues to support a far-left agenda that has no business in Oklahoma," said Pinnell.

"Sen. Andrew Rice and Rep. Scott Inman, the Democrat leaders in the legislature, have consistently supported an agenda that is far more liberal than the average Oklahoma voter. In fact, they seem to have no interest at all in conservative Democrats, but instead support groups that work to earn "the nomination of grassroots, progressive Democrats over entrenched, conservative Democrats.

“These two seem to be blinded by their progressive liberal positions and leader- President Obama. Siding time and again with bigger government and higher taxes over working families—all while opposing and mocking efforts to trim the fat from our state budget. Our message is simple: We believe Oklahomans deserve to know we have a new breed of Democrat leadership in Oklahoma. This isn't your granddaddy’s Democrat Party anymore...and it isn't coming back. We encourage everyone who cares about limited government and free market principles to visit Tell Sen. Rice and Rep. Inman to take their liberal blinders off, and keep the far-left progressive policies of Barack Obama out of the reddest state in the country,” concluded Pinnell.

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