Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gallup: Economy, Deficit Primary Concerns

By Bernie Becker/The Hill ~ The economy and federal deficits are Americans’ most pressing concerns, a recently released Gallup poll found.

According to the polling outfit, roughly seven in 10 said they worried “a great deal” about the economy, with another 22 percent stating they were fairly concerned about the issue.

On federal spending, 64 percent were greatly worried, and 23 percent fairly anxious.

The poll was conducted in early March — before the Japanese earthquake that created a partial meltdown at a nuclear plant and caused some roiling to global markets. Still, Gallup found that the economy was one of the two most worrisome issues for Democrats, Republicans and independents.

The economy has now been the top concern for Americans since 2008, according to the polling company. Healthcare topped the list before that and continues to rank quite high among Americans' concerns.

Democrats were not as worried as the other two groups about federal spending.

Unemployment, which 57 percent of respondents said they worried a great deal about, was among the top four pressing concerns for all three groups.

Gallup also found energy affordability and availability to be the one issue that voters are substantially more concerned about this year.

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