Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fallin Seeks Approval Of 'Opportunity Fund'

Governor Fallin today asked the Legislature to pass legislation authorizing an Opportunity Fund which would be used as an economic development tool to bring businesses and new jobs to Oklahoma, similar to the Texas Enterprise Fund.

To date, the TEF has generated over 56,000 new jobs and $14.7 billion in capital investment for Texas, according to the office of Texas Governor Rick Perry.

The creation of an Oklahoma Opportunity Fund was mentioned as one of Fallin’s priorities in her State of the State address in February.

Fallin released the following statement, encouraging lawmakers to pass HB 1953, which would create that fund: “Authorizing a workable Opportunity Fund is a key part of our job creation agenda. It will grant my administration an important tool as we work to ‘seal the deal’ with businesses that are serious about bringing a large number of jobs and a substantial investment to the state of Oklahoma. It is my hope the legislature works to pass HB 1953 as quickly as possible."

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