Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eagle Forum Leader Nixes Popular Vote Idea

Bunny Chambers
A bill that would have Oklahoma join other states in a movement to elect the president and vice president by popular vote instead of the Electoral College has drawn opposition from conservative leader Bunny Chambers of the Oklahoma Eagle Forum, who sent this email.

TO: EAGLES AND FRIENDS OF EAGLES FROM: Bunny Chambers, President, Oklahoma Eagle Forum ACTION: Contact your state Senator immediately—VOTE NO on SB 841, which is ready to be voted on by the full Senate (Bills MUST be voted on by March 17).

The Title has been stricken, which means that if the bill passes the Senate and the House, it must return to the Senate and have the Title restored and then be voted on again. Phone number for State Senate Switchboard is: 405-524-0126 Go to to get a list of all legislators, their email addresses, etc.

WHAT IS SB 841? You can read the bill online at  

SB841 is a new law to have Oklahoma join with other states and establish the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President and Vice President by National Popular Vote. It has passed out of the Rules Committee and is now ready to be voted on by the entire Senate. Republicans Senator Rob Johnson and Rep. Don Armes are the principle authors, but Democrat Sen. John Sparks was the first principle author—now he is a co-author.

NPV is a bad idea for three reasons: 1. The liberals have been wanting to abolish the Electoral College for years. They know that large population states such as NY, CA, IL, OH are liberal voting states. Votes from Oklahoma and other less populous states would not even be needed to elect a President if we do away with or by-pass the Electoral College and move to elect the President and Vice President by popular vote.

2. The Electoral College provides many benefits to Americans. It affords special protections to the citizens of small states such as our own. Without the Electoral College, Oklahoma voters can expect to live in the shadow of big states and cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Dallas in each and every presidential election.

3. Even assuming the Electoral College needed to be eliminated, this legislation is not the way to do it. It is an end-run around the constitutional amendment process, and it will create many logistical difficulties.

These issues will haunt us in election years and cause much litigation and confusion. For instance, this legislation would allow any of the following situations: · A President can be elected by ANY plurality: 15, 20 or 25 percent of the vote is enough. NPV does not provide for run-offs, nor does it require candidates to meet a certain threshold. · The margin between two candidates could be very close, yet Oklahoma could find itself unable to participate in a recount. · Oklahoma could be forced to award its 7 electors to a presidential candidate who was not on our ballot. · Other states might use recount standards that differ from Oklahoma’s. They might thus cause election totals to tilt in favor of their candidate, · Oklahoma could be forced to award its 7 electors to a candidate who was overwhelmingly rejected by Oklahoma voters.

In states where the NPV has been enacted, it was passed by legislators who have often spent too little time understanding and researching the logistical ramifications of enacting it.

Don’t let Oklahoma endorse this crazy idea! Small states such as our own uniquely benefit from the Electoral College.

Please Call your Senator immediately. SB 841 must be stopped! Thanks. Do what you can, as soon as you can. Pass this on to your contacts. Bunny Chambers President, Oklahoma Eagle Forum GOP National Committeewoman for OK (1996-2008)

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