Saturday, March 26, 2011

Armey Touts Daniels In Indiana Interview

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels
From ~ Mitch Daniels, an establishment GOP favorite, could also have real tea party appeal, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey says.

Armey, who heads the tea party promoting group FreedomWorks, met with Daniels in Indiana Thursday and suggested the Hoosier State governor would have tea party cred.

"Tea party activists are very practical-minded people who are looking for results," Armey, who was in the state conducting a training session for conservative activists, told reporters, according to the Indianapolis Star. "This governor's got an outstanding track record. He's not one of these show horses that historically have been winning elections. But we've got an electorate in America today with a much more serious and adult choice configuration than they've had in past elections.

"So they're choosing substance over ceremony, character over charisma, and Gov. Daniels fits the bill," Armey added, saying he would "absolutely" be open to backing Daniels.

Daniels has yet to make up his mind about a run and acknowledged to reporters that the runway for his time frame is getting shorter.

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