Thursday, March 3, 2011

AFP's Jolly Calls For Property Tax Cap, Takes Issue With Oklahoma County Assessor Leonard Sullivan

Stuart Jolly:
Assessor 'only tells
half the story'
Stuart Jolly, Oklahoma director of Americans for Prosperity (AFP), has endorsed passage of Senate Joint Resolution 5 (SJR 5) that would lower the property tax cap from 5% to 3% or the rate of inflation and taken issue with Oklahoma County Assessor Leonard Sullivan.

Jolly said that Sullivan, following a Wednesday news conference by Senator Jim Reynolds and his brother Rep. Mike Reynolds, discussing what they claim is the unfairness of the property tax assessment system, attacked him personally.

“It’s unfortunate for a man of his position and stature to openly discuss the personal property tax situation of the citizens he works for. It is unethical and uncalled for, especially since Mr. Sullivan only tells half the story,” said Jolly.

“His attempt to divert the attention of the reporters from the key issue of lowering property taxes by describing my property tax situation is irrelevant and insulting.”

Information provided by Jim Reynolds detailed how 34% of all properties sold in Oklahoma County were sold below their appraised value over the past 3 years, Jolly noted. Jolly said that's significant considering that over a third of taxpayers are overpaying their property taxes.

"What Mr. Sullivan failed to explain when announcing Mr. Jolly’s property taxes status was that last year Mr. Jolly’s home sold for nearly $50,000 below what Mr. Sullivan was appraising it for." Jolly's news release said.

“And does Mr. Sullivan apologize for his comments when confronted with this information?” Jolly asked. “No. He states that I should have taken better care of the home.”

Reynolds' press conference was to highlight the fact that taxes are too high and people are hurting economically, Jolly said. 

Oklahoma citizens must sell their homes, downsize, or move out of the state to make ends meet because of our property tax situation, he added. 

"AFP Oklahoma demands lower taxes and more freedom for the citizens of Oklahoma, who in turn should be appalled at the display of the Oklahoma County Assessor today at the State Capitol."

"We can do better than this," AFP contends, "and we should."

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