Sunday, February 20, 2011

OCPA: How To Use That $100 Million

Jonathan Small
By Jonathan Small/Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs ~ Thanks to the hard work and income generation of productive Oklahoma citizens, the Oklahoma Tax Commission reports that the state will have about $106.4 million more to spend than was estimated in December.

OCPA recommends that lawmakers use this revenue in one of the following ways:
• Reduce the income tax -- $100 million.
• Don’t pass a hospital provider tax – approximately $100 million. OCPA believes any effort to remain deeply entrenched in Medicaid is a losing scenario, but thanks to this newfound money you don’t need to tax again the very consumers who have already provided you with the funds you say you need.
• Don’t divert money from the Transportation Fund (see page A-3) and saddle taxpayers with $100 million in bonds -- $100 million.

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