Thursday, February 17, 2011

Maughan Praises House Committee's Action

Commissioner Brian Maughan
Oklahoma County Commissioner Brian Maughan today thanked a House committee for advancing a bill that would correct language in 2010 legislation that could have given county officials an automatic pay raise.

“I am grateful to the House General Government committee for advancing HB 1283, and to Representative David Dank for sponsoring this legislation,” Maughan said. “This fixes a serious error that could have resulted in hundreds of thousands of wasted taxpayer dollars.”

The bill restores existing language that said county officials “may” receive pay raises. Legislation passed in 2010 changed that to “shall,” apparently mandating substantial raises for all county officials statewide. Maughan convinced Oklahoma County officials to forgo the automatic pay raise last August and urged legislative action to restore the language.

“As I said last year, that bill was an insult to hard working Oklahomans who are barely hanging on, and in some cases who have lost their jobs, in the recession,” Maughan said. “This is hardly the time for elected officials to be giving themselves raises on the backs of the taxpayers.”

Maughan urged prompt legislative passage of the bill. “I am encouraged by the strong commitment on the part of Governor Fallin and the leadership in the House and Senate to hold the line on spending,” he said. “County officials must do their part, and that means saying no to any raises.”

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