Thursday, February 17, 2011

'Make My Day' Expansion Passes Committee

Rep. Steve Vaughan:
Ersland case an
example of need for law
 Legislation that would expand Oklahoma’s “Make My Day” law to include places of business has been passed by a House committee.

Rep. Steve Vaughan said he was pleased to see his first bill pass its first hurdle to becoming a law.

House Bill 1439 would give business owners and workers the right to use deadly force to defend themselves.

“Although I did not file this legislation in response to the Ersland case in Oklahoma City, it serves as a good example of the need for this legislation,” said Vaughan, R-Ponca City, said. “I think it is shameful that a person who uses deadly force to defend his or her business from an armed robber can currently be charged with murder. My hope is that this legislation will help protect honest citizens from criminal charges when they choose to stand up to an assailant.

“We Oklahomans have the right to protect our families, ourselves, and our homes. Now Oklahomans will have the right to protect themselves in the workplace.”

House Bill 1439 now awaits consideration by the full House.

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