Friday, February 18, 2011

Kevin Easley's $90,000 Raise Questioned

Kevin Easley
From News Channel 9 In Vinita ~ The head of a powerful state agency is facing heightened scrutiny from Oklahoma's elected leaders.

The CEO of The Grand River Dam Authority recently received a $90,000 raise just months after raising the energy rates of the agency's power customers.

Some say he's abused his power one too many times. Others, including the man himself, say he's worth every penny.

His name is Kevin Easley. Many people believe he used his power and influence to get himself a huge raise.

"Really, it's kind of comical that they think I'm that powerful," Easley said.

As CEO of GRDA Easley's employment contract shows he is now making $225,000 a year plus benefits. GRDA is a state agency that works like an electricity wholesaler, providing power to hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans through co-ops and municipalities across the state.

Read the entire story, including calls for a GRDA audit and a new law, and view Channel 9's report at

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