Friday, February 11, 2011

Fallin Joins Obamacare Legal Speed-up Effort

Governor Mary Fallin today announced she has joined 28 other Republican governors who sent a letter to President Obama asking him to direct the Justice Department to expedite the appeals process of the pending state lawsuits against the federal health care bill.

The Republican Governor’s Association will now resubmit the letter to the White House with Fallin’s signature.

Fallin had been waiting to sign the letter until concerns over the legal implications to Oklahoma’s separate lawsuit challenging the president’s health care law had been resolved.

“The federal health care reform law is unconstitutional, unworkable and unaffordable,” Fallin said. “My goal has always been to pursue the most effective challenge to the law so it can be overturned and replaced.

“After consulting with my attorney general, I have determined that fast-tracking the other legal challenges to the health care law will not negatively impact Oklahoma’s own lawsuit. I certainly continue to support the other states that are challenging the unconstitutional and economically damaging federal health care bill and I am happy to join the other governors seeking an expedited track to the Supreme Court.”

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