Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cole Cites $100 Billion Budget Cut

Congressman Tom Cole said today that Republicans in the U. S. House wil continue to press for spending cuts.

"Historic deficits require historic spending cuts, and that's exactly what House Republicans have achieved," Cole said after the House approved $100 billion in budget cuts. "We pledged to voters that we would cut $100 billion this year, and we took less than eight weeks to do it.

"This week's debate makes it obvious which party wants to reduce spending. In the most open debate process in years, members from both parties offered hundreds of amendments. Republicans repeatedly introduced amendments focused on spending cuts while Democrats consistently argued to keep wasteful spending in place.

"House Republicans passed the biggest spending cuts in history, but this is just the beginning. We have many tough choices ahead in order to deal with our $14 trillion debt, but taxpayers can be encouraged that we're finally going in the right direction."

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