Tuesday, February 15, 2011

British Get It Wrong Again...

Charles G. Hill at http://www.dustbury.com/ writes about the latest British nuttiness:

Earlier this month, I said something to the effect that Her Majesty’s Government was putting entirely too much effort into “making life easier for the criminal element.”

Just in case you assumed I was engaging in the fine art of hyperbole, here’s a fresh example of what I mean:
A spate of thefts in several towns and villages in Kent and Surrey over the past few months led to many householders taking action to protect their property. Some have been warned by police that using wire mesh to reinforce shed windows was “‘dangerous” and could lead to criminals claiming compensation if they ‘”hurt themselves”.

Now in a civilized area, this situation doesn’t come up, as Peter explains: Anyone trying to break into my shed is likely to encounter a rather more effective deterrent than window mesh. In fact, he might find it so effective that he’ll never burgle a shed again!

And that’s the bonus benefit: a very low recidivism rate.

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