Thursday, February 10, 2011

AFP: 'It's Our Money' Rally Successful

By Justin Wilmeth
Americans For Prosperity Oklahoma

One of the best greatest things for an American to do is actively take part in the legislative process. And scores of Oklahomans were able to do just that Tuesday afternoon at the state Capitol, as they reminded legislators that “It’s Our Money!”

Organized by Americans for Prosperity Oklahoma, about 70 citizens met up for a free pizza lunch and discussion on the current issues.

After that, State Director Stuart Jolly spoke to the crowd about our plans for the day and issues to stress around the halls of the Capitol. Then the groups of volunteers were on their way.

Over the course of the next few hours, regular Oklahomans went into the offices of senators and representatives with the simple reminder of it’s our money – please spend it wisely. This gave them access to their legislators and a chance to speak to them about the matters important to them and AFP. They also presented those elected officials with three items – a bright yellow (and comfy!) scarf recognizing National School Choice Week, AFP-Oklahoma’s Focus Policy Card stating the top 10 issues we’re focusing on this legislative session, and a florescent piece of paper with “It’s Our Money” written in bold type across the middle with an explanation that the money they’re about to appropriate comes from the people and that we’re watching.

All three items combined to get out our message of lower taxes, limited government and more freedom for the state of Oklahoma.

Because of these great volunteers, our legislators know what is important to the 22,500 AFP members in this state, and we expect them to do the right thing for all Oklahomans and focus – focus on fiscal conservative issues that will impact the citizens of this great state. Thanks to all who made it out and made this event a major success!

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