Thursday, January 6, 2011

Will Fallin Follow Brownback's Kansas Plan?

Kansas Governor
Sam Brownback
From ~ The rules have to change in Kansas’s welfare programs, says Governor-elect Sam Brownback, who claims that the programs are discouraging low-income individuals from marrying and forming strong intact families.

Brownback made the comments after announcing two social services appointments to his cabinet at the Statehouse Tuesday, according to the Kansas City Star.

“Studies show a healthy, loving family unit benefits not only the parents but, more importantly, the children,” Brownback said.

“We will work to remove disincentives to marriage, so more couples can marry without the fear of losing crucial state support during difficult financial times.”

Brownback said the prospect of losing benefits by getting married is motivating couples to remain unwed in order to preserve a higher joint income from state subsidies. He also said the change in the rules would yield a short-term increase in costs, but a long-term overall gain for the state.

Hat tip to Brandon Dutcher.

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