Friday, January 7, 2011

Pruitt Plans Independent Obamacare Lawsuit

Attorney General-elect Scott Pruitt today announced the state of Oklahoma will file an independent lawsuit against the federal government to challenge the unconstitutionality of the Obama administration’s federal health care law in the coming weeks.

Speaking about the need to file independently, Pruitt said, “There is great clarity for me on the necessary and urgent need to exercise my responsibility to defend Oklahoma’s Constitution against a federal government and president that have gone too far in their overreach of power and authority.”

Governor-elect Mary Fallin, who had a representative from her office in attendance to the press announcement, provided the following statement, “President Obama's health care plan is bad for our economy, bad for our health and bad for our states, which must shoulder the burden of hundreds of millions of dollars in unfunded mandates. It's also an unconstitutional Washington power-grab that seeks to force our citizens to buy certain products. The people of Oklahoma voted overwhelmingly to oppose that power-grab and to reject policies that replace individual choice with the choices of Washington bureaucrats. I am happy to join our new attorney general in announcing that Oklahoma is challenging the federal health care law in court, standing up to Washington and defending our Constitution and the rights of our citizens.”

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