Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pinnell's Candidate Wins Top GOP Post

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus
Reince Priebus, who had the early support of GOP State Chairman Matt Pinnell, is the new chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Priebus won with 97 votes in the seventh round of voting after controversial Chairman Michael Steele dropped out after the fourth ballot. 

GOP State Chairman Matt Pinnell
Priebus, the chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party, was the leader from the first ballot, and was the only candidate to not lose any supporters as voting progressed Friday afternoon. Steele's support declined steadily through the first three ballots.

"We have a number of qualified candidates for RNC Chair - but at the end of the day I was most comfortable with Reince's qualifications and vision for the RNC," Pinnell said in December. "Reince is a Young Gun GOP rising star, and represents the best and the future of this Party."

Pinnell's early endorsement of Priebus, and the endorsements of several other Oklahoma GOP leaders, could give the state party an important voice in Priebus' operation of the RNC.

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