Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lankford Signs Oath Of Office

Congressman James Lankford, watched by his wife and daughters,
signs his oath of office minutes ago to complete his swearing-in.
Photo provided by Will Allison,
Lankford's new communications director.

After being sworn in, Lankford said, “Today marks the next step in a journey down a new path,” said Congressman Lankford.

“For the next two years, House Republicans will work to put our country back on track with fiscal responsibility, free market reforms and greater transparency in government. This is what the country is expecting and Republicans are committed to the task.

“It is a tremendous honor to serve in the United States House of Representatives. It’s a duty my family and I do not take lightly. The people of the Fifth District of Oklahoma have entrusted me with this seat in Congress and I intend to serve with their best interests in mind.

“The best days are still ahead for our great country if today’s leaders make the sacrifices required for the benefit of those who will come after us. Now is the time to make the tough decisions and I am ready to begin working with my colleagues here in Washington to make our nation more prosperous, more secure and stronger for generations to come.”

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