Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lamb, Barresi Disavow SD47 Endorsement

Carol Hefner
The Republican race for the Senate District 47 seat in northwest Oklahoma City is coming down to the wire with two statewide officials denying they've endorsed any of the five candidates in the race.

Lt. Governor Todd Lamb has not made a public statement, but has told his supporters privately that he has not endorsed anyone and that reportedly followed claims that Carol Hefner, a political first-timer, inferred he had endorsed her.

Then, this weekend, Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi issued a statement saying she has not endorsed anyone and that statement also apparently is the result of reports reaching her supporters that Hefner has inferred an endorsement.

Said Barresi: “I have not endorsed any candidate in the Senate District 47 race, and I have not been involved in any of the campaigns in any fashion. The people of Senate District 47 are blessed with several good choices, and I look forward to working with whomever the people choose.”

At a recent forum, Hefner discussed Barresi as being a partner with her. The Edmond Sun reported:  "Millions of dollars needs to be returned to people with quick efficiency, Hefner said. Oklahoma should begin consolidating many of its 534 school districts, which burden taxpayers, she said. 'We need to take care of education. If I have one bill I deal with, it’s me and Janet Barresi joining hands on that. Janet Barresi and I have been friends for over 25 years and are since best friends.'"

Barresi was careful during her campaign not to embrace forced school consolidation, which Hefner apparently favors.

Another of the candidates, Greg Treat, reportedly has received similar reports of inferred endorsements. He has said nothing publicly, however.

The other candidates are Kenny Goza, Todd Brawley and Steve Dobbs.

Treat has the endorsement of his former boss, Senator Tom Coburn, and Brawley has the endorsement of former Oklahoma City Mayor Ron Norick.

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