Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hickman Calls For Legislative Review Of Board Of Education's Authority And Membership

Hickman cites 
'...unprofessional and
inappropriate behavior'
House Speaker Pro Tempore Jeff Hickman (R-Fairview) issued the following statement regarding the actions of State Board of Education members at their first meeting today with newly elected State Schools Superintendent Janet Barresi:

“I am disappointed by unprofessional and inappropriate behavior of members of the State Board of Education. I don’t know of any classroom teacher who would tolerate the behavior of these board members today. In fact, there are many teachers who would wash Board Member Rozell’s mouth out with soap.

“To tell a woman that she is ‘worthless’ because she is expecting a child is deplorable and perhaps indicates that Mr. Rozell is unfit for the position he holds. The people who voted State Superintendent Barresi into office fully expect her to hire a staff and implement her plan to improve Oklahoma schools for our children. The obstructing efforts of this board warrant immediate legislative review of its authority and membership to determine if changes should be made to better serve Oklahoma’s students.”

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