Monday, January 10, 2011

Hefner Defender Sees Attorneys In SD47 Race

The special winner-take-all election in northwest Oklahoma City's Senate District 47 has heated up prior to tomorrow's vote.

With allegations of inferred endorsements that aren't, and the involvement of Democrats in the Republican 5-way race, there's lots of chatter and today, voter Robert Semands send this email in defense of his candidate, Carol Hefner (the other candidates are Greg Treat, Todd Brawley, Steve Dobbs and Kenny Goza):

Most informed Republicans in State Senate District 47, a large district covering north OKC and a big part of Edmond and consisting of 24 precincts, know that a special election has been called for Tuesday, January 11. There are five candidates vying to be elected to the seat. They are Carol Hefner, Greg Treat, Kenny Goza, Steven Dobbs and Todd Brawley.

My personal favorite and the only one endorsed by the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee is Carol Hefner.

Greg Treat, a member of Tom Coburn’s staff for as long as I have known of him, has recently received the endorsement of Senator Coburn.

Most polling has shown Carol Hefner as the frontrunner with Greg Treat strengthening a bit since receiving Sen. Coburn’s endorsement.

For the past week of so a group calling itself “Citizens for Republican Values” has been robo-calling with a rather bizarre attack on Carol Hefner. This group was formed about a month ago with the declared agent on the Secretary of State’s form being an attorney named Lee Slater. Information on the internet regarding Lee Slater indicates that he is an attorney and has been active in Oklahoma politics for many years. Lee Slater was once appointed Secretary of the Senate by former Democrat state Senators Gene Stipe and Straton  (sic) Taylor. The assumption here is that Lee Slater and others involved in Citizens for Republican Values are Democrats and trial attorneys.

So why would they be attacking Carol Hefner, a person who has no history of much involvement in the political world in Oklahoma? Also, why are Democrat trial attorneys insinuating themselves into a race where Democrats did not even field a candidate?

Let us go sleuthing to see if we can answer the questions above. We are all getting many mailers these days from all the candidates. If you take one of Kenny Goza’s mailers and look at the very bottom left in the super-fine print you will see that Citizens for Republican Values (a Democrat trial attorney group) is funding Kenny Goza. Kenny Goza is a trail attorney. Kenny Goza was not very impressive when he was in front of OCPAC along with Carol Hefner and Greg Treat. Could it be that the Democrat trial attorneys who are behind this bogus Citizens for Republican Values organization see Kenny Goza as their only hope for influence in District 47.

I am personally willing to put my own credibility on the line and guarantee that Carol Hefner is more likely to be a nightmare for trial attorneys and a friend only to us regular citizens. I believe that the Democrat trial attorneys who are funding Kenny Goza see Carol Hefner as a threat and for that reason are attacking her. The attack on Carol by Democrat trial attorneys involves a court battle that Carol and her husband Robert had with a credit card company. What Carol has personally told me is that the bank that had one of their credit cards began to heap fees and charges on their card for no known reason, so they decided to fight the bank in court. Carol wants all to know that all of her legitimate obligations have been and always will be met.

I do not know Greg Treat well but I have known of him for about five years. As long as I have known of him, he has been on Tom Coburn’s staff here in Oklahoma. Greg Treat does espouse conservative values. That being said, Greg has very little if any experience outside of the political system.

On the other hand is Carol Hefner who has never been involved in politics other than trying to keep herself informed and voting. She is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and businesswoman with strong Constitutional, conservative, and Christian values. She and her husband Robert have had five children. One child was lost to a rare disease. She was advised to abort her fifth child due to a potential health risk to herself. She refused and carried that child to birth. In short, Carol not only espouses conservative values, but she lives them and has for many years. Carol, her husband Robert, and their family are real, honest, forthright people.

Another issue I want to make all aware of is that I have been supporting Carol Hefner from the time she announced her candidacy for the State Senate District 47 seat. After hearing her speech at the Fall 2009 Tea Party Rally at the Capitol, I told my wife, “If that woman (I did not know who she was at the time) ever ran for anything, I would support her.” I have put out many of the signs you see for Carol. Every one of Carol’s signs was approved by the land owner or the business owner where they were put. In most cases the other candidates have not acquired such approval where their signs are near Carol’s signs. Many of Carol’s signs have been stolen. Which of the candidates would have their people pulling up another’s signs and why is it only happening to Carol’s signs? Someone else in the race must feel threatened by Carol Hefner. We have already identified the Democrat trial-attorney group supporting Kenny Goza as threatened by Carol Hefner. Who might be the other candidate threatened by Carol Hefner? Could it be the same candidate whose overly zealous volunteers are approaching Carol Hefner supporters and telling them that Carol is a “horrible person” and that they should pull up their Carol Hefner signs and replace them with Greg Treat signs? I will let you make the determination.

Voter turnout is expected to be small, so I hope you will brave the bad weather on Tuesday, January 11 and get to the polls and cast a vote for Carol Hefner, the best candidate to represent the people of State Senate District 47. A candidate can win by one vote in this race.

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