Friday, January 28, 2011

Gilpin A 'Party Guy All The Way'

Tim Gilpin
Tulsa attorney Tim Gilpin is being described today as "a (Democratic) party guy all the way."

The description comes from a well-known Democrat who said she's appalled by the conduct of Gilpin and former Senator Herb Rozell during Thursday's Board of Education meeting. She asked that she remain anonymous for fear her position would be jeopardized. She said she's dealt with "cutthroats like Gilpin and Rozell" before, and "it's not pretty...what they try to do."

Herb Rozell
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The meeting degenerated into a contentious one after Gilpin and Rozell, a Democrat appointed, like Gilpin, by former Governor Brad Henry, made it clear they were determined to stop the initiatives of Republican Schools Superintendent Janet Barresi.

With Gilpin leading the attack, the board questioned Barresi's personnel selections and rejected the hiring of her campaign manager, Jennifer Carter, as her chief of staff.

Gilpin could hardly conceal his contempt for Barresi.

Gilpin donated to Susan Paddack, the Democrat Barresi soundly defeated. Gilpin and Paddack supported State Question 744, which Barresi opposed. Gilpin was a primary spokesman for the initiative.

Gilpin is the former Tulsa County Democratic Party chairman with a long history of financial support for liberal Democrats.

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