Friday, January 28, 2011

Small World: Those of you who, like me, have been around a while may remember former Senator Jim Howell, Midwest City attorney. Went years without seeing Jim (who makes about three of me) and then, in the space of 8 days, ran into him and son David at City Cafe, Golden Corral and Golden Palace. We can't figure out which of us is following the other.

The Gadfly Climbing His Wall
By Mike McCarville

Non-Believer: My neighbor says he does not believe the world will end in 2012; he believes the world as we perceive it ended in 1965.

Getaway: Everybody needs one, right? The place to get away from it all. No phones. No TV. No electricity. Outdoor privy. (Uh...perhaps this is taking it too far.) So here's the McCarville Canadian getaway in all its ancient glory.

Bass-LeSure: The evidence seems overwhelming. And she's still getting paid child support while the two children are still in the home of another? What's with that, DHS?

Chilling: Recently, I recounted the circumstances of a murder by gunfire about six blocks from my house. This week, a woman was shot and killed about that same distance from my house in another direction in a downscale neighborhood, far different than the one in which I live. She apparently made the mistake of arguing with someone at the 7-11 near Northeast 10th and Air Depot. She drove to her nearby home and apparently the person she argued with followed her. When she parked with her 5-year-old daughter strapped in the back seat, the driver of the other car yelled at her and she turned toward the car. Three shots were fired. She died at the scene. She had been arrested earlier this month in a drug sting as an alleged drug dealer. Crime knows no boundaries and gun control isn't the answer. I control the Smith & Wesson 442 on my hip; being prepared is better than being a victim.

Proof In The Pudding: Republicans now totally in charge of state government face a challenge that begins soon when the Legislature convenes. Can they keep all the campaign promises? Can they keep the rudder amidships as the state faces this fiscal crisis? Here's a prediction: There will be controversy in the Departments of Insurance and Education (for far different reasons) and Governor Mary Fallin will face a series of immediate, tough decisions. (I wrote this line early in the week before the Board of Education tried to slam dunk our new superintendent and instead set off a firestorm that likely will trim their sails as soon as the Legislature goes into session).

Pitiful: The sea change that occurred last November with a Republican sweep of every office will become evident as the Legislature deals with the pitiful performance of the Board of Education this week. Tim Gilpin, an activist, partisan, devoted Democrat with a long history of donations to (mostly) liberals and former Senator Herb Rozell, a throw-back to Democratic dominance of all things in state government, made asses of themselves.

And They Are Outmatched: Gilpin and Rozell may fancy themselves the top dogs in this fight, but I have a message for them; they are outmatched by Janet Barresi and Jennifer Carter. Either one of them is intellectually superior to both Gilpin and Rozell put together. And having chosen to do political battle with Carter, they'd best get their athletic protectors on. (Photo courtesy Ron Black)

Larry Derryberry: Had lunch at Jamil's with my friend of four decades-plus earlier this week. Larry, a tad older than I, remains an active attorney and advocate of issues he embraces. The former attorney general and candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor had, as usual, a big smile on his face and an idea he wanted to discuss, more about which later.

Worth Reading: Two blogs with regular posts offer food for thought. Political Realities is LD Jackson's fine looking blog with lots of national political and governmental news and some local, and Reporter 37 is Michael Clements' blog with regular observations on state government.

Family Ties: Herewith, view four of our talented, witty, intelligent and lovely/handsome grandchildren; from the left, Michael, Faye, Courtney, Colby. Mother Cheryl took the photo.


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