Monday, January 31, 2011

Cole: Is There Any Cut Democrats Will Buy?

"Not only did the president fail to put forth specific spending cuts (in his State of the Union speech), he continues to oppose the elimination of even the most frivolous of government programs. On Wednesday, the House passed my bill to eliminate taxpayer funding of presidential candidates and political conventions. The Presidential Election Campaign Fund is an outdated program that doesn't help feed or educate a single American, doesn't build one mile of road and doesn't keep us safe. The only people who benefit from the program are a handful of long-shot presidential candidates who receive taxpayer-funded assistance to run their campaigns. It's hard to find a more narrow, privileged special interest group than that. Yet the White House issued a statement opposing the legislation even though it would save $617 million over 10 years. If Democrats won't support cutting a program that doesn't benefit a single ordinary American, what cuts will they support?" "~ Congressman Tom Cole

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