Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bennett: 'Every dope-head has a pit bull'

Use of 'guard dogs'
would be a felony
Drug dealers who use guard dogs to fend off police would face increased penalties under legislation filed by Rep. John Bennett, a law enforcement veteran. 

House Bill 1082, by Bennett, would target any person who “willfully delays or obstructs a law enforcement officer or emergency personnel in the performance of official duties by using any animal” to “interfere, restrict or prevent access” to a building where a criminal offense is being committed.

“Having worked in law enforcement, it seems like every dope-head has a pit bull,” said Bennett, R-Sallisaw.

“Whenever a drug raid occurs, the police have to kill the dog or face serious injury. By providing a stiff penalty, I believe we can reduce drug traffickers’ reliance on attack dogs, which will benefit law enforcement officers and the animals themselves.”

Under his bill, violations would result in felony charges carrying a penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

Prior to his election, Bennett worked for the local sheriff’s department and served on the drug task force.

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