Thursday, December 23, 2010

Terrill Again Says Charge Is Political

Republican Rep. Randy Terrill issued this statement late today:

Democrat District Attorney David Prater has charged me with offering a “bribe” to induce Senator Debbie Leftwich to withdraw as a candidate from a political contest. He charged me despite the fact that Senator Leftwich never filed as a candidate, it was impossible for her to withdraw from an election she never entered, and in the 21 page "Affidavit of Probable Cause" hasn't offered a shred of evidence that I ever made an offer to give her anything. The preceding filed against me is purely a political take-out maneuver without any factual or legal justification. I am innocent, I’ve done nothing improper, and I'm confident I will be exonerated. But the whole point of filing the charge is simply to damage me politically, and I seriously doubt there is even an expectation that it will succeed as a matter of law. For my opponents, however, if they can abuse the process by forcing me to take a mug shot for the front page of the Oklahoman, then they will sadly consider that a victory.

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