Sunday, December 26, 2010

Noted Quote: 30,000 Murders In Mexico

By the end of 2010, narco-related violence will have accounted for nearly 30,000 murders in Mexico -- everything from grisly beheadings to thug vs. thug gunfights, to raids by squads of cartel gunmen. Mexico's Congress failed to act on President Felipe Calderon's plan to squeeze the cartels by cracking down on money laundering and reorganizing local police forces so that they could better stand up to them. Mexico's ordinary citizens are losing faith in their government. Cartel-fostered lawlessness has prompted ordinary Mexicans to resort to vigilantism to protect themselves from rapes and kidnappings including, in at least one instance, digging a trench around their town to prevent thugs from reaching it by going off-road in their SUVs. ~ From an article in Politics Daily

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