Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jones Responds To Terrill Bribery Charge

Rep. Randy Terrill's attorney, Stephen Jones of Enid, issued this statement late today:

The filing of criminal charges by the Oklahoma District Attorney’s Office against Senator Leftwich and Representative Terrill is unwarranted and violates the Separation of Power Clause of the Oklahoma Constitution.

The attached 20-page statement is nothing more than a report based on hearsay and speculation with self-serving statements and innuendos and is a political payback against two very effective and respected legislators whose public positions on controversial issues, such as tax credits and curbs on illegal immigration, have earned them powerful enemies among special interests.

Representative Terrill will fight these charges, not only for himself, but for the constitutional dignity of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Representative Terrill was reelected overwhelmingly, even though these allegations were widely known. He will take his seat in the House of Representatives.

One thing is certain. Considering the deplorable, scandalous conduct of the employees of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, the appointment of Debbe Leftwich would have been a breath of fresh air. There is no agency of state government that has been so embarrassing to the people as the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office.

Considering that Oklahoma was the first state to adopt the medical examiner’s office and the exemplary and courageous work done by Dr. Luke, Dr. Chapman and Dr. Jordan in the years they headed the agency, it is a stain on Oklahoma.

In attempting to correct the deficiencies, both in personnel and management of the agency, persons with long knives from the shadows have struck, but in reality, their wounds are self-inflicted.

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