Thursday, December 16, 2010

Henry's Career Move As Yet Not Disclosed

With less than a month remaining in his final term as governor, Brad Henry has yet to answer the question on the minds of many: What will he do when he leaves office in mid-January?

He's already said he plans to take some time off after eight years as governor, but he's given no indication of a career path. An attorney, he's said he has no plans to practice law. He's also said he has no desire to move to Washington, at one time considered likely given his early and ardent endorsement of President Obama.

Months ago, there was speculation he might be headed for a post in higher education, but there's been little talk of that possibility of late.

The governor and his wife earlier this year purchased an estate in northeast Oklahoma City and, some speculate, will spend time decorating it to their taste.

Henry's predecessor, Frank Keating, moved immediately from the governor's office to the top job at the American Council of Life Insurers in Washington, a job he just left to head the American Bankers Association.

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