Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thesis: It's The Age Of Women

From Politics Daily ~ It's the age of women, says Psychology Today.

"The global economy is evolving in a way that is eroding the historical preference for male children, on a worldwide scale...The reason for the shift is that physical strength and stamina -- male abilities, once required for economic success -- are being eclipsed by thinking, knowledge and communicating."

And that, it just so happens, is women's forté. Women went from earning about 5 percent of family income in 1970 to about 40 percent today. Most start-ups are now female driven, and their businesses have lower failure rates than the men. Financial success alone could explain why, in 1970, just 14 percent of women aged 30 to 44 were unmarried, but now 60 percent are. No doubt there were cultural forces at work too.

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