Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recommended Midweek Reading

Pat McGuigan at CapitolBeatOk has an insightful piece on one of the candidates for Todd Lamb's Senate seat.

The Hill reports Senator Jim Inhofe pledges a fight against a ban on congressional earmarks and explains his position.

Governor-elect Mary Fallin and Lt. Governor-elect Todd Lamb have security details, The Oklahoman reports.

Southern Political Report has surveyed State Houses and measures the depth of Republican victories on November 2nd, finding that the GOP gained an unprecedented 153 seats in Southern state legislatures, 36 state senators and 117 state representatives. As a result, there are now 1,181 Republican state legislators to 877 Democrats in the South, a major shift in power to accompany other GOP gains in governorships and congressional seats.

The Tulsa World reports that a legal challenge was filed Tuesday to the "official English" state question approved last week. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Delilah Christine Gentges, identified as a Tulsa County resident and an Oklahoma taxpayer, asserts that State Question 751 is unconstitutional. SQ 751 would require all official state communications to be in English or American Indian languages, except as otherwise required by federal law.

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