Thursday, November 18, 2010

Inman Names Hoskin, Sherrer To Leadership Team

House Minority Leader Scott Inman today announced the members of his leadership team for the 53rd Legislature.

“I am excited about our leadership team and how the Caucus is uniting to face what are sure to be difficult days ahead for Oklahomans,” said Inman, Del City Democrat. “Our leadership is a seasoned crew that well represents the values of working families, small business owners, and family farmers and ranchers. I know that they will work hard to stand up and give a voice to average Oklahomans who are busy working and raising a family and are too often ignored in the halls of the Capitol.”

Inman appointed Chuck Hoskin as the Minority Floor Leader for the coming sessions. Hoskin hails from Vinita and has served as the Democratic Caucus Chair for the past three years.

“Representative Hoskin is a legislator of high caliber and will be a great Floor Leader for our Caucus,” said Leader Inman. “He has been a steadfast champion of education, rural issues, seniors and veterans, and I am confident that he will work tirelessly to champion these areas on the House floor.”

Inman is retaining Representative Ben Sherrer as the Minority Whip. The Chouteau Democrat served as Whip in the 52nd Legislature and will work closely with Leader Inman and Minority Floor Leader Hoskin in the coming sessions.

The House Democrats last year elected Rep. Jerry McPeak to serve as Caucus Chair, and the Warner Democrat has successfully transitioned from serving as an Assistant Floor Leader to this new position.

“Representative McPeak is a dynamic and energetic leader in our Caucus, and I know he will work for our Caucus as he has for his community and state at large, which is with dogged commitment and good-natured resolve."

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