Tuesday, November 2, 2010

High Stakes: Gary Jones For Auditor & Inspector

Influential Tulsa blogger Michael Bates strongly endorses Gary Jones for auditor & inspector and provides fodder for his decision:

"While I encourage you to vote straight Republican in Oklahoma -- in every race I've looked at, the Republican is the best choice -- there are a few races where I want to underline, bold, and otherwise call attention to my endorsement, because the stakes are so high and the GOP candidate is far and away the best choice. A prime example: Gary Jones for State Auditor and Inspector."

Read Bates' endorsement at http://www.batesline.com/.

In Oklahoma City, popular blogger Ron Black also endorsed Jones, writing, "Tomorrow, when you go to the polls, don't forget to tell your friends and family how important this office is to the taxpayers of Oklahoma and make sure they vote for the right guy...Gary Jones for State Auditor."

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