Thursday, November 4, 2010

Governor-elect Mary Fallin says one of her first acts next year will be to name a committee to study ways to streamline state government and find ways to make it work better.

Why Mary Fallin's
Management Study
May Get Results
Analysis By Mike McCarville

Forty-plus years ago, I was part of a similar move by another Republican governor, Dewey F. Bartlett. As his press secretary, part of my job was pushing the results of his effort.

During his administration from 1967 to 1971, Bartlett formed his "Management Study Committee," composed of officials and citizens, Democrat and Republican, to examine state government and make recommendations on efficiencies, consolidation and streamlining that could save dollars.

It was an ambitious undertaking and despite some stonewalling by the Democratic infrastructure, the committee returned with a long list of recommendations, many of which needed approval from the Democratic Legislature to be implemented.

That approval, in many cases, did not come. By executive order and fiat, Bartlett instituted some of the recommendations.

But Bartlett's hope for widespread efficiencies and economies in state government didn't happen.

Fallin may have better luck. She has a Legislature composed of many like-minded Republicans. She has an entire slate of statewide office-holders to implement proposed changes and help push for others. And with her 60+ percent victory, she has widespread public support for her plan, which she often discussed during her campaign.

Good luck, Governor.

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