Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cheap, Easy Fix For Slow Honda Accord Windows

'97 Honda Accord SE
As the owner of numerous Hondas ('95 Accord EX, '96 Accord EX, '97 Accord LX, '97 Accord SE, '01 Civic), I pay special attention to any maintenance issues that arise.

The most frequent complaint I find about the Accords is that the motors that operate the windows are slow and sometimes fail to raise or lower the windows at all, prompting many owners to take their vehicles to a mechanic for new motors, blaming weak or failed motors. That's seldom the case; the curved windows simply fit in the window channels so tightly that over time, as they distort due to heat, cold, humidity and usage, or just get dirty, they grip the window more and more tightly. That slows the windows down and can lead to motor failure. Replacing the motors can cost $200 on up; that's at a cost of $60 to $80 per motor, plus installation.

I have a fix that costs just $5-$6, and it may be less than that if you already have this item in your garage supplies or under the kitchen sink: Silicone spray.

Here's how to use it:
First, spray the rubber strip at the bottom of each window; this is the strip against which the inside of the window rubs as it goes up and down.
Second, lower the window and spray the entire channel in which the window glides up and down. (If your can of silicone has a thin red nozzle, use it; that will minimize overspray of the slick stuff.)
Third, run Q-tips in the channel; the silicone will help pick up any dirt that's in the channel. You may need to use several Q-tips; use them until one comes up clean.
Finally, spray the channel with silicone again and run the window up and down several times so the movement will spread the silicone and further lubricate the window channel.
The window speed will increase; wait two days, then use the silicone spray again on the window channels and it will increase even more. 

Your windows should go up and down at least 50 percent faster and may even approach like-new speed. That's been my experience. ~ Mike McCarville

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