Monday, November 15, 2010

Behenna's Parents Seek Support, Letters

Scott and Vicki Behenna, parents of Edmond Army Lt. Michael Behenna, have written to his supporters asking for help as his clemency hearing date approaches.

Behenna is serving a 15-year term at Fort Levenworth, result of a flawed court martial which followed the death of an al-Qaida member in his custody in Iraq almost two years ago. The court martial was marked by the withholding of evidence favorable to him by JAG prosecutors.

The Behennhas wrote, "To the thousands of Michael Behenna supporters, With great anticipation we approach Michael’s Clemency Hearing on December 2nd and then his Appellate Hearing on December 9th. The support Michael has received during the past year has grown far beyond what we could have imagined. Michael and our family have survived on the strength drawn from each of you and the many prayers that have lifted us up during this long and painful search for justice for an American Hero.

"We are constantly asked what can be done for Michael. Here are three things that you can do to help our son:

"1) Pray! Peace Lutheran in Edmond, Oklahoma will hold a prayer service for justice on Sunday, December 5th. Please lift up Michael the Sunday before his Appellate Hearing and ask God that this injustice be overturned.

"2) Sign Michael’s petition. We want to send 25,000 signatures to the Clemency Board by Thanksgiving. To reach this goal we only need 4,000 more signatures. Click on the following link to sign Michael’s petition:

 3) Send Michael a letter or card. The best part of Michael’s day is when the letters are delivered to his prison cell. He thrives on those letters and your writing has become his eyes on the world. Please send him a short letter or card to let him know that he still has your support and that you appreciate his military service to our country.

"It is hard to believe that it has been 18 months since the Army paraded Michael through three airports in handcuffs en route to prison. Since those dark days we have waited patiently for the ‘justice’ system to address all the failures that we witnessed at Michael’s trial. Finally the day has arrived when we will get a chance to argue why Michael’s conviction should be thrown out. With your prayers and relentless support we will prevail and Michael will be free once more!"

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