Wednesday, November 17, 2010

American Majority Launches 'New Leaders Project'

American Majority, the nation’s leading grassroots training organization, along with local Tea Party leaders from across the nation, announced today the launch of The New Leaders Project and the drive to identify 10,000 new, credible candidates in advance of the 2011 and 2012 elections.

American Majority believes that this project, when combined with policy education and grassroots infrastructure development, is the surest way to sustain Tea Party momentum across the nation.

The group's announcement said this first of its kind national effort will seek to have 1,000 local Tea Party leaders sign onto The New Leaders Project, committing themselves and their groups to identifying 10 new leaders in their local community to run primarily for state or local office in 2012. The groups will have from January 2011 until the candidate-filing deadline in their respective states and communities to identify these candidates.

The program will help community leaders identify quality candidates while fostering a new era of accountability between voters and elected officials.

“This was an historic election, but the systemic change our nation needs to thrive and prosper will require much more time and effort. The next election starts now,” stated Ned Ryun, President of American Majority.

“There is a real need for new leadership at all levels of government that believes in, and will advocate for, fiscal responsibility, free enterprise and limited government. We believe this project will not only impact state and local levels, but also create a significant ‘farm team’ for higher office for years to come.”

To support the Tea Party organizers, American Majority will offer its proven campaign and candidate training to the new leaders. The New Leaders Project can be found on

“The Tea Party organizers at the local level who have already signed the pledge are leaders in their states, and the real leaders of the entire movement,” Ryun said. “By combining their knowledge and local leadership, with what has been acknowledged to be the best grassroots political training provided by American Majority, this will be a dynamic and exciting project that will have far-reaching effects on public policy.”

Since 2008, American Majority has been identifying and training thousands of candidates and local activists in more than 40 states in an effort to build a farm team of conservative leaders for the 21st Century.

With this new initiative, American Majority said it, along with local groups, will keep the emphasis of what has become one of the most potent grassroots political forces in American history where it belongs – at the local level.

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