Friday, October 8, 2010

Will Lloyd Fields Avoid Guitar Players?

Labor Commissioner Lloyd Fields likely won't have any guitar players at campaign events in the next three and a half weeks. If he does, he'll be reminding supporters of another of his embarrassing imbroglios.
And if he doesn't, Republican challenger Mark Costello will remind; he has taken the guitar incident to his advertising, as this advertisement placed on The McCarville Report Online yesterday shows.

Here's how Costello describes the incident on his website: "...Colby Yates, of Texas, is a Professional Bull Riders Association (PBRA) member, and musician, whose guitar Commissioner Fields tried to steal in February 2008. PBRA staff stopped the theft when they tackled Commissioner Fields, retrieved the guitar, and held Fields until police took him to the Bricktown Detox center from which he gained an early release through a union lobbyist."

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