Friday, October 8, 2010

Priest Challenges Pruitt To Prove Trial Experience

Democratic Attorney General candidate Jim Priest today challenged Scott Pruitt to prove he has ever tried a lawsuit.

In a forum sponsored by the Oklahoma County Bar Association, Priest said he didn't think Pruitt had ever tried a case, that Pruitt had never argued in an appellate court and that Pruitt was not admitted to the United States Supreme Court.

In response, Pruitt said, "Despite what you just heard, over the last seventeen years, I have been in district court in Oklahoma, federal court in Oklahoma, workers comp court in Oklahoma, the EEOC, the Department of Labor, and the Human Rights Commission. I've tried cases and been involved in that process consistently."

Priest says, "Prove it."

"Court records fail to show Mr. Pruitt has ever tried a single case. His opponent in the Republican primary pointed this out as well. Now he's told the County Bar he's tried 'cases'--plural--and if it's true it should be easy enough to prove. He should show us the evidence that he's ever tried a case and come clean with the people of Oklahoma," said Priest.

Pruitt did not refute Priest's statements that he has never argued an appellate case and is not admitted to the United States Supreme Court. He did not respond to Priest's challenge to a televised debate.

"If he won't debate his election opponent, how is he going to fight for Oklahomans?" Priest asked.

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