Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Oklahoman Endorses James Lankford

The Oklahoman today endorsed Republican James Lankford for Congress in the 5th District.

The editorial reads, in part, "That leaves the 5th Congressional District seat being vacated by Mary Fallin, the Republican nominee for governor. Two good candidates emerged from the nominating process to face each other on Nov. 2. Both are newcomers to politics; both have had distinguished careers in the private sector. An independent is also in the race.

"The central Oklahoma district has been served by a Republican for many years and we don't expect that to change. GOP nominee James Lankford is a former director of the Falls Creek camp in southern Oklahoma. He's making his first splash in politics. And what a splash he has made!

"Lankford took on better-known and better-financed candidates in the Republican primary and runoff, winning the latter with 65 percent of the vote. District Republicans liked what they saw in Lankford, a man who has studied the issues and formed well-reasoned views on them.

"Democratic nominee Billy Coyle is a former U.S. Marine Corps sergeant who has worked in a law firm since 2003. Coyle is quick to say he doesn't agree with the Obama administration on some issues, but his disagreements aren't immediately clear — perhaps due to his need to avoid alienating the minority of Oklahoma Democrats who support Obama.

"Lankford is the better man for the job. As we noted in endorsing him for the GOP runoff, 'He's a solid conservative but not a reactionary. He doesn't substitute ideology for intelligence.'

"On Nov. 2, The Oklahoman recommends voters retain U.S. House incumbents Frank Lucas, John Sullivan and Dan Boren as well as U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn. And we urge 5th District voters to make James Lankford their next congressman."

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