Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Oklahoman Endorses Fallin, Lamb

Editorial, The Oklahoman ~ History will be made when the votes are counted in the 2010 race for governor of Oklahoma, regardless of who wins the seat. The historicity of the moment may transcend the immutable fact that the state will have its first female chief executive.

Fallin and Democratic nominee Jari Askins are great candidates. Both have the potential to be excellent governors. Both are hardworking women with small-city roots. One of them will usher the state into the second decade of the 21st century and be a key player in not only setting policy but redrawing districts for legislative and congressional seats.Joining the winner will be one of two bright men seeking the lieutenant governor's post that Askins now holds and Fallin held before her. Democrat Kenneth Corn of Poteau and Republican Todd Lamb of Edmond are state senators seeking to become president of the Senate. They're both well-qualified. An independent will also be on the ballot.

A governor functions as the state's chief economic development official. One factor holding Oklahoma back in economic development is the state's workers' compensation system. Fallin has worked for years to reform the system. She would make reform a top priority.

With a Republican Legislature and GOP governor, the prospect of meaningful reform for a broken system is within striking distance. This hasn't happened under Democratic Gov. Brad Henry and would likely not happen if Askins wins.

Negative campaign ads notwithstanding, Askins is not a liberal and does not share many views with President Obama. She's moderate, energetic, intelligent and personable. Fallin has many of the same qualities. She's obviously more conservative and would need to moderate her ideology if elected. But moderation isn't the watchword when it comes to economic development. The state needs aggressive leadership in the area of workers' compensation reform. Fallin would provide it.

She and the state would be best served if Lamb is elected. Corn has a remarkable personal history, rising from humble beginnings to leadership positions. He has a bright future ahead of him no matter how this election goes.

Lamb is a former Secret Service agent and the Senate's majority floor leader. He would be the first male Republican elected as lieutenant governor and is the better man in a race with two good candidates.

To give Oklahoma a boost during these troubled economic times, we urge voters to select Republicans Mary Fallin and Todd Lamb.

Previous endorsements

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Treasurer: Ken Miller, Republican

Auditor and inspector: Incumbent Steve Burrage, Democrat

Insurance commissioner: Incumbent Kim Holland, Democrat

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Oklahoma County: Incumbent Commissioners Ray Vaughn, Republican, and Willa Johnson, Democrat

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